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The Chemistry behind our products

What is the chemistry behind the product or how does the product actually prevent the growth of mold? Anyone can tell you that their product kills and prevents the growth of mold, but how does it do it? The same way that we can. Aegis, American Mold Guard (no longer in business) and Microbe Guard use a technology known as Swords and Spikes.

Based off a DOW Corning invention back in the 70's. Their products kill by creating positively charge swords on the surface that is treated. This stabs and electrocutes the mold. This coating is not digested by the mold and is a permanent treatment. Envirocare and PCG use silver ions that are slowly released when moisture is present to interrupt the DNA/growth/ cell activities of the mold. The mold must come into contact with the silver to be affected. Good in theory, if you could plate the whole house. This product will be washed off water and overtime will be ineffective. Some products like Fiberlok® Microban® and others use poisons.

The mold must digest the poison for the product to be effective. This causes the product to loose effectiveness overtime as the mold eats away the coating. It also causes the mold to become resistant to the poison over time. Think about it, how does the mold prevention treatment affect the mold? Stop believing what you hear and start believing in what you see and prove for yourself.


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