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Mold Assessment

We're committed to providing the most thorough and comprehensive mold inspection and testing available. We use state-of-the-art assessment procedures and equipment to completely evaluate the air quality in your home or business. Our target is to identify the sources of moisture and water intrusion that may be causing mold growth, which can affect the property value and occupant's health.

  •  We offer both Residential and Commercial Services
  •  We are fully trained and certified in Mold inspection and Assessment
  •  The services provided are efficient, accurate and always completed in a timely and professional manner
  •  Culturable sampling methods are available to provide Health Care Professionals with the Speciation of molds found
  •  After having your property inspected, we will provide you with a full report with laboratory findings.
  •  FL State Licensed MRSA#903
  •  FL State Licensed MRSR#973

Why is Mold a problem today?

Mold Solutions- How it works?

Anabec Advanced Cleaning Solutions & Anasphere

 Remediation and Prevention

An ounce of prevention is worth a bundle of cure. 

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